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Always working on new methods of assembling & creating doll shoes. Not quite perfect yet, still far superior & sturdier. Perhaps sturdier than any competition.

Still using non toxic glues so the shoes are still vulnerable to water being poured on them. If they get dirty, the good news is that only vinyl is used! No leather. Simply gather whatever you might have put on the shoes while the shoes are on your doll’s feet & wipe it off the vinyl patiently with your fingers. Another advantage is that they are still easy to repair if something should happen.

These are offered as a set of 3 completed shoes at a discount.

So what’s upcoming you might ask? The connection between the soles and shoe body on the finished, non prototypes will be seamless & they will have something else that is secret for now! CatinChouchoue might not be the most common brand (yet) & is sad the low number of follower turn out… still focused on being the most innovative.


Fashion Royalty FR2 NuFace Lovetones Shoes High Heels Sandals

What? But what about Jem / Color Infusion? You might say. Well CCC hasn’t entirely forgotten those. Here is a pair just for them:

Color Infusion Jem Shoes


Added Free JPG version of the Paper Dolls. Print at 8.5X11″ borderless for all the pieces to be compatible. Preferably on photopaper. All computer printer papers will react badly to being cut by exacto so be careful. The best is to use scissors as much as you can.

Simply zoom on an image on and then save that. This book is being made available in chunks as it is being made. Some of the hair is not completely drawn yet.

Free Paper Doll for Adults Black Catin Chouchoue
Free Paper Doll for Adults White Catin Chouchoue
Free Paper Doll for Adults, Pale Catin Chouchoue
Free Paper Dolls for Adults Catin Chouchoue